Roll shutters

Roll shutters are the ultimate solution when you want to protect what’s behind your windows. They are installed on the outside but are controlled from the inside. They offer a variety of benefits and flexibility in their use; yet when not in use in the "up" position, they are unobtrusive. These strong, secure and durable roll shutters glide easily into place when you need them, and retract into an overhead panel box when you don’t. Manual or motorized controls ensure smooth and convenient operation. All our roll shutters and frames can be tailored to harmonize with any exterior.

Break-ins and Vandalism

Whenever you lower your roll shutters completely either at night or when you leave, they form a barrier that prevents potential burglars from breaking in.

They are controlled from either the inside or by security key lock on the outside. This allows your family or business to be safe from intruders, vandals or other unauthorized persons.

Solar Heat

Roll shutters can block up to 90% of solar heat gain.

They are effective because:

They stop the sun’s rays before they reach the glass and heat up the room.
Partially reflective and also absorb solar heat.
Allows your air conditioning costs to be lowered as the sun is blocked out and still creates a comfortable living or work environment.

Cold Weather

As temperatures decrease during night hours, or are away for a few days, heat loss is reduced from the window or door. The closed roll shutter curtain traps a still air space between itself and the glass. The insulation value is created from this pocket of air, plus the insulation inside the curtain itself. Heat loss is reduced by approximately 50% and eliminates a draft in the room that makes for a warmer, cozier living space.

Enjoy the money that you save as roll shutters cut down on your year-round energy costs.


Protection Against Stormy Weather and High Winds

Windows and doors are very vulnerable against hail, high winds and flying debris.  A closed roll shutter will significantly protect a home and business from these elements. Without roll shutters to protect glass windows and doors, homes and cottages are susceptible to even more damage from wind and water getting into the building for an extended period of time.

You will feel more secure knowing that you have done all you can to protect your property against the elements of nature by closing all your shutters tightly.

Light and Glare - Creation of Privacy

Roll shutters have tiny slots in each slat so you can control the amount of light entering the room. You may choose either full light penetration, full black-out, or anything in-between.

Partial light control allows for activities such as: glare-free TV viewing, as well protects draperies, carpet and furniture from fading.

When you close the shutter tightly, you have complete privacy.

This feature is especially handy for those who sleep during the day or like to take a nap no matter the time of day. Allow your room to be darkened and enjoy a restful sleep.


A closed roll shutter absorbs sound by trapping air space between itself and the glass. Additional noise can also be absorbed. This will be ideal for when you are creating noise and don’t want to disturb people outside of the house.

All of our roll shutters are made from aluminum, a standard panel box, and a guide rail. The colours offered are: White, Beige, Brown, and Black.

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